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Teaching Defensive Principles

u16 boy 6

As soccer coaches know, teaching defensive principles is not an easy task. Watch as Coach Gentile reviews activities you can use to simplify teaching “D” to your youth soccer players….

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Backyard Soccer Drills


The spring season is in full swing. You have a couple team practices each week, but how can players continue to develop on their own? We all know that the…

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Dribbling to Maintain Possession by Dr. Dina Gentile

u16 boy 6

Coach Dina developed a crisp plan covering the topic of “possession by using dribbling”.  Learning activities are progressive towards creating confident dribblers under pressure. Learn more

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In-game tips for parents


Spring season is fast approaching – so we want to share some tips for you to think about as you watch your young athletes from the sidelines. Introduce Yourself to…

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Pre-game tips for parents


Effective pre-game rituals allow players and families to establish routines that help prepare for big games. The Night Before • Fuel up and fortify – Feed your child a good…

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4 Key Pre-season tips for Parents

Soccer Player Water

Growth Spurts and Cleats Avoid being caught off-guard and check your children’s footwear well before the season starts. If you are using last season’s cleats, make sure your child tries…

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Changing Gears

Youth Soccer Practice

As we move from basketball and hockey season to soccer season, our children may need some assistance making the transition to another sport. Children will need to be reminded that…

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Use the Parents!


              In my last practice, coaching lacrosse in a gym, I wanted the girls to feel successful with catching the ball. Most of the…

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College Decision Time for Athletes


So many questions rush in and out of a high school athlete’s head when they need to decide on where to study and where to play in college. The college…

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The Biggest Thank You from the Youngest Players


Coaches spend countless hours planning for practices, figuring out how to motivate the team on cold and wet days, and organizing fun activities so everyone stays engaged – especially if…

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