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Dina Gentile

Dina Gentile

Ed. D Professor, Soccer Camp Owner

Coaching Techniques Expert

A passionate soccer educator and parent, Dr. Dina has coached at all levels. She loves working with volunteer coaches and watching kids develop confidence and skills at her soccer camps.

With a NSCAA National Coaching Diploma and doctorate in Human Movement from Boston University, there is no one better to give you valuable insights on coaching techniques and best practices.


Kristina O'Connell

Kristina O’Connell

Vice President of Marketing

Balancing Parenting, Sports and Life Expert

A busy professional, volunteer coach, athlete and mom, Kristina knows the art of juggling. She has three daughters that compete in dressage riding, soccer, cross-country, basketball, lacrosse and karate. In addition to lifestyle insight, Kristina will share valuable marketing and brand concepts.

With Kristina’s sports-centric lifestyle, any day of the week you’ll find her balancing work with carpool duties, shooting hoops, running, coaching, planning for horse shows and being a great role model for her girls.

Kristina O'Connell

Kristine Lilly

Korrio Ambassador, 3-time Olympian & Queen of Caps

Ball mastery expert

Kristine Lilly’s extraordinary professional soccer career spanned 23 years. Today, Kristine balances life between raising two daughters, charitable work and giving back to youth soccer through her KL Soccer Academy. A true inspiration and legend in women’s soccer.