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Coaching & Technical

Kristine Lilly shares her view on summer soccer, technical skills and more.


We asked our Soccer Ambassador, Kristine Lilly to give us some insight on what she sees and how she gives back to the world of soccer. This year I celebrated…

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i9 Sports “Champions of Youth” Radio Show invites Steve Goldman, CEO of Korrio into the studio


Air date: May 16, 2015 - i9 Sports / Seattle Sports Radio 950AM KJR Listen in to i9 sports – “Champions of Youth” radio broadcast on Seattle Sports Radio, 950AM KJR,…

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Kristine Lilly shares her thoughts on private coaching


Last night I was at my 6 ½ yr old daughters’ (…almost 7, as she would say) soccer practice. I help the head coach with six 6 year olds. Another…

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Korrio websites made easy for sports organizations.

pick6 site

We know that running a sports organization involves many moving parts – your website being the biggest and most important one to build your brand and community.

 Websites should be easy…

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Kristine Lilly on being a sports parent


My kids are just starting out in sports. So, I guess you can say I’m a “soccer mom”. Both of my kids are doing more than just soccer though. They…

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College Sports and Specializing

Boy 2

There are many debates over whether specializing in sports at a young age is the best thing for children. However, many people believe the more developed a child’s skills and…

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Korrio – What’s in it for Parents?


Each season brings many new dimensions – roster updates, new families to meet, new practice/game locations, uniform changes, coaches, process and methods of communication. Imagine having all of this in…

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14 Heart Questions with Kristine Lilly


1.    Heart or Kiss emoji? heart 2.    Do you like chocolate?  love chocolate 3.    Roses or heart-shaped box of chocolate? roses 4.    Why do you love sports? I love to…

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Korrio – What’s in it for Coaches?

2014 - SEP 20 - Seattle Sounders FC U14 Academy

Hello Coaches – In many cases, you are volunteers – and you are usually running fast and hard. Coaches put in a ton of effort on practice plans, figuring out…

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“Loving game day” – Kristine Lilly Insight


When I was a kid, I LOVED game day! Actually I LOVED game day as an adult playing professional soccer too. I loved being out on the soccer field and…

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