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Kristine Lilly Q&A (Topic: capturing the attention of players)


Q:  How do you keep the attention of players during practice? I have spent most of my career coaching camps, privates and clinics. So my time with the individuals or…

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Kristine Lily Q&A: (Topic: biggest challenge in youth sports)


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you were a kid? Has that changed over time? As a kid I don’t think I felt any challenges that were…

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Lines of communication in sports


As sports parents, we understand the importance of communication regarding our children. Coach < > Parent Coach < > Player Team Manager < > Parent Club <  > Parents Parents…

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Love for the game.


I loved playing soccer. I love the way it made me feel out on the field, I love that it kept me in great shape. I love that it gave…

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Kristine Lilly Q&A (Topic: Snacks & Hydration)


Q: Kristine, what are some ideas for quick healthy pre and post workout snacks? Give us some of your secrets as it relates to snacks and hydration. When I played…

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Youthee Awards – America’s Top Youth Sports Award (Vote by April 30th)


  The prestigious Youthees Awards are America’s top youth sports award (started by Youth1 Media in 2012) to honor excellence in sport, community initiative, teamwork, and love of the game. …

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Take the next 75 seconds to learn how Korrio works

Boy 2

We just completed a new intro video that explains how Korrio works. This video demonstrates how admins, coaches, team managers, parents and players benefit from using Korrio. We make it…

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Healthy Drink Ideas for your kids


As a parent, one of our top priorities is to ensure healthy food for our kids. Lots of times, kids seem uninterested in eating vegetables or fruits (…sometimes) and seem…

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How can you develop healthy eating habits in your kids?


Most parents run into the same kind of problem when it comes to developing healthy eating choices in our kids. No kids or adults like to opt for healthy food…

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Highlands High School Baseball Builds Their Program With Korrio

birds 1

Paul Allen, Parent Volunteer and Website Coordinator for Highlands High School baseball (aka: Dirty Birds) is enjoying his third season using Korrio to manage and simplify operations. “I like to…

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