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Kristine Lily Q&A: (Topic: biggest challenge in youth sports)


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you were a kid? Has that changed over time? As a kid I don’t think I felt any challenges that were…

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Websites for sports organizations. What matters?


Your logo, crest, color and website banner are only part of the equation when it comes to brand. Prospective families don’t visit your site because of how cool your graphics…

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Lines of communication in sports


As sports parents, we understand the importance of communication regarding our children. Coach < > Parent Coach < > Player Team Manager < > Parent Club <  > Parents Parents…

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Sam Schmidt takes the drive of a lifetime

Sam Schmidt

Sam Schmidt is not only a Korrio advisor and investor, he is a true inspiration, friend, leader and athlete. We believe in Sam and his will to walk again. What…

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Kristine Lilly Q&A (Topic: Pre-game Prep)


Is Pre-game prep both physical and mental? Any words of wisdom? What did you do? How do you get in the zone? Everyone has his or her own pre-game preparations…

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NEW Korrio Reporting Offers Snapshot of your Sports Organization

quick reports

Real-time Snaphot: The report dashboard depicts a graphic representation that displays your organizations’ total registrations and spikes over a given time period. It also renders information regarding the number of…

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NEW Web Pro CMS & Hosting


Korrio announces our new premium web-hosting offering that allows you to have complete control in developing your organization’s web presence.  With Web Pro you can customize your site to represent…

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Youthee Awards – America’s Top Youth Sports Award (Vote by April 30th)


  The prestigious Youthees Awards are America’s top youth sports award (started by Youth1 Media in 2012) to honor excellence in sport, community initiative, teamwork, and love of the game. …

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Take the next 75 seconds to learn how Korrio works

Boy 2

We just completed a new intro video that explains how Korrio works. This video demonstrates how admins, coaches, team managers, parents and players benefit from using Korrio. We make it…

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UC Berkeley Innovator Spotlight: As Founder and CEO of Korrio, Steve Goldman ‘83 is transforming the youth sports experience


After a long career helping other founders realize their dreams, Steve combined his passion for technology, business, sports and kids to launch Korrio (derived from a Maori word meaning “to…

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