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Kristine Lilly talks about spring preparation


Spring is coming. I think? For those of you on the east coast, especially Boston, I know you guys are probably ready for the warm sun and seeing grass. Well…

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Korrio – What’s in it for Parents?


Each season brings many new dimensions – roster updates, new families to meet, new practice/game locations, uniform changes, coaches, process and methods of communication. Imagine having all of this in…

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Kristine Lilly Q&A (Topic: Pre-game Warm up)


Q: What are some of your favorite drills? Team bonding? What works best? What I loved so much about game day, (well of course just the fact that it was…

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Insight on Sam (August 2014 Check-in)


Happy 50th Birthday Sam! From time to time, we try to keep up with Sam, one of our favorite people – and Korrio investor and advisor. This is not always…

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Kristine Lily Q&A: (Topic: biggest challenge in youth sports)


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced when you were a kid? Has that changed over time? As a kid I don’t think I felt any challenges that were…

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ISN Stars of Coaching Presented by Korrio – August 2013 – Carter Poe


A captain on the pitch is like a general on the battlefield. Carter Poe should know all about that leadership position, serving as a team captain for both Duquesne University and…

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Kristine Lilly’s Ebook “Girls Soccer: Dream, Believe, Achieve”

Kristine Lilly, Korrio’s Soccer Ambassador released her first Ebook today. Check it out! Congratulations #13! Order today. Kristine Lilly and Coerver Coaching! Launch of “Girls Soccer: Dream, Believe, Achieve”.  Kristine…

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Post game tips for parents


The game is over, time to recover and celebrate! You had an absolute blast watching your child play soccer; make sure to let him or her know how proud you…

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Who was your most influential coach in youth sports?


Did someone come to mind instantly? I know my high school basketball coach was the first one to pop into my head. I learned things from that experience that I…

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Sports Calendar on the fridge?


35% of parents surveyed in a recent “2012 Korrio – Youth Soccer Parents Survey” still organize their child’s sports schedule by either posting their schedules on their refrigerator or writing…

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