Children’s Privacy Policy

Korrio, Inc. (“We”, “Us”, or “Company”) welcome users of the website located at (“Site”), who are under 18 years of age (“Child” or “Children”). Please read this policy carefully as it explains our practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information from Children who have Accounts (as defined in the Terms of Use) on the Site. It also explains each parent’s or guardian’s (“Parent”) ability to review, request deletion of, or place certain restrictions on the collection, use, and disclosure of, Personal Information of his/her Children.

Our general privacy policy, available at, (“Privacy Policy”) applies to all users of the Site who are age 18 or older. This children’s privacy policy (“Children’s Privacy Policy”) is incorporated into Company’s terms of use, available at, (“Terms of Use”). Unless otherwise defined in this Children’s Privacy Policy, capitalized terms will have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    1. Parental ConsentWe are required by law to obtain verifiable parental consent in order to collect, use, or disclose Personal Information from Children who are under 13 years of age. When you register your Child on the Site (in accordance with the Terms of Use), before the Child’s player Account is activated, we require you to verify your consent by using your credit card in connection with a transaction (e.g., paying for a Club membership fee). By giving consent, you (i) agree that the Child’s online activities are subject to the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and this Children’s Privacy Policy, and (ii) consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information collected from the Child as described in this Children’s Privacy Policy. Once such consent is received and processed, we will activate the Child’s Account.
    2. Information the Child Provides
      “Personal Information”means data that allows someone to identify or contact the Child, including, for example, a Child’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as any other non-public information about the Child that is associated with or linked to any of the foregoing data.We collect Personal Information about or from Children on our Site in the following ways:

      • When the Parent registers the Child on the Site, we collect the Child’s first and last name, gender, e-mail and mailing addresses, and password, and the Club the Child is affiliated with.
      • Each Account permits the user to provide the following profile information (“Profile Information”): Personal Information (i.e., nickname, middle name, address, email address, phone number, mobile number, alt phone, and work phone), Player Information (i.e., state ID, date of birth, gender, and school), Medical Information (i.e., insurance number, insurance phone, insurance ID no., allergies, and special needs), and Athletic & Academic Information (i.e., school, athletic objective, team history, awards and accomplishments, other interest and achievements, references, favorite teams, player, position, and hobbies). If the Parent or Child provides Profile Information, we will collect the Profile Information.
      • Each Account also permits each user to: (a) send messages to other users’ Accounts, (b) post messages on the user’s wall, (c) post pictures on the user’s gallery, (d) upload documents to the user’s document locker, and (e) add scheduling information regarding activities for Clubs the user is affiliated with. If the Child engages in these activities, then Korrio will collect the messages, pictures, documents, and scheduling information, as applicable. If a Parent adds scheduling information, we will collect that information. We will also collect scheduling information from the Club, coach, and team manager that that Child is affiliated with, to pre-populate the Child’s scheduling information.
      • If the Child provides us feedback or contact us via e-mail, we will collect the Child’s name and e-mail address, as well as any other content included in the e-mail, in order to send the Child a reply.
      • If the Child participates in one of our surveys, we may collect additional profile information.

      We are prohibited by law from conditioning a Child’s participation in an activity on the Child’s disclosure of more Personal Information from the Child than is reasonably necessary to participate in that activity.

    3. Information Collected via Technology
      • To make our Site more useful, our servers (which may be hosted by a third party service provider) collect Personal Information from the Child, including browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address (a number that is automatically assigned to the Child’s computer when the Child uses the Internet, which may vary from session to session), domain name, and/or a date/time stamp for the Child’s visit.
      • We also use Cookies (as defined below) and navigational data like Uniform Resource Locators (URL) to gather information regarding the date and time of the Child’s visit and the solutions and information for which the Child searched and which the Child viewed. Like most Internet services, we automatically gather this Personal Information and store it in log files each time the Child visits our Site or accesses the Child’s Account on our network. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website sends to a users computer’s hard drive while the user is viewing a web site. We may use both session Cookies (which expire once the Child closes the Child’s web browser) and persistent Cookies (which stay on the Child’s computer until the Child deletes them) to provide the Child with a more personal and interactive experience on our Site. Persistent Cookies can be removed by following Internet browser help file directions. If the Child choose to disable Cookies, some areas of our Site may not work properly.
    4. Use of Information
      Korrio uses a Child’s Personal Information in the following ways:

      • to enable the Child to use the Site and Service features that are only available to users with an Account;
      • to facilitate the creation of and secure a Child’s Account on our network;
      • to identify the Child as a user in our system;
      • to provide improved administration and quality of experience on the Site;
      • to improve our Site and Services; and
      • to respond to your Child’s inquiries.

      We will send the Child service-related announcements (e.g., notices of any updates to our Site, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or Children’s Privacy Policy) when we believe it is necessary to do so; however, we will provide the Parent with a copy of such service-related announcements. Parents may not opt-out of these communications, which are not promotional in nature, but if a Parent does not wish her Child to receive these communications, the Parent has the option to terminate the Child’s Account.

      We will periodically send the Child free newsletters and e-mails that directly promote the use of our Site or the purchase of our Services. When a Child receives newsletters or promotional communications from us, the Parent will have the opportunity to “opt-out” by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the e-mail the Child receives or by contacting us directly (please see contact information below).

      We may create anonymous information records from Personal Information by excluding information (such as a Child’s name) that make the data personally identifiable to the Child. We use this anonymous information to analyze request and usage patterns so that we may enhance the content of our Site and Services. Company reserves the right to use and disclose anonymous information to third parties in its discretion.

    5. Parent’s Choices Regarding Personal Information
      We provide Parents the following choices with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of their Child’s Personal Information. A Parent may review and delete any and all of a Child’s Account information through logging onto the Parent’s Account and viewing the Child’s Account.A Parent may prohibit us from disclosing the Child’s Personal Information with a third party (including an Affiliate) by opting-out of such disclosures by contacting us below. However, a Parent cannot prohibit us from sharing a Child’s Personal Information with third parties for the Outsourcing Purpose or Enforcement Purpose (defined below). A Parent may prohibit us from disclosing the Child’s Personal Information with a third party for the third party’s marketing purposes by opting-out of such disclosures by contacting us below.

      Important Note Regarding Opting-Out: Please note that if you opt-out of either of the above disclosures, we may not be able to provide certain Services to your Child. One of the primary purposes of the Korrio Service is to enable Child players to share their Personal Information with Clubs they are affiliated with, so that the Clubs can provide the Child Club-related services and send the Child Club-related communications. By opting-out, Korrio will not be able to provide the Child’s information to Clubs and certain other third parties. Please see Section 6 (Personal Data) of the Terms of Use to understand the Clubs’ obligations with respect to the Child’s Personal Information.

      A Parent may prohibit us from any future collection or use of the Child’s Personal Information, by terminating the Child’s Account through the Parent’s Account, and requesting the deletion of the Child’s Personal Information by us. Upon a Parent’s request, we will delete the Child’s Account and all the information and data stored for such Account. When we delete a Child’s Personal Information, it will be deleted from our active databases but may remain in our archives. Company will not have any liability whatsoever for any termination of the Account or related deletion of the Child’s Personal Information.

      Company may (and the Parent authorizes us to) rely on the instructions that we reasonably believe are given by a Child’s Parent. For example, if a person calls our customer support number and provides the account information we request, we may assume that the person calling is the Child’s Parent.

    6. Disclosure of Information.
      • A Parent can view all information associated with a Child’s Account.
      • A feature of the Service is to allow users with Accounts to contact each other and view information about each other. We will disclose your Child’s information to the following categories of users with Accounts: (a) the Child’s Parents, (b) the Child’s teammates, (c) parents of the Child’s teammates, (d) the Child’s coaches, (e) the Child’s assistant coaches, (f) team managers of the Child’s Clubs, (g) administrators of the Child’s Clubs, and (h) administrators of the leagues and organizations that the Child’s Club is a part of. Please note we do not control how these third parties may use or further disclose your Child’s information. If you do not want these third parties to have access to your Child’s information, please limit the information you or your Child provides on the Site and Service (e.g., in the Child’s Profile Information, messages, wall, gallery, schedule information, or document lockers).
      • We may share the Child’s Personal Information (e.g., name, age, insurance information, emergency contact information) with Clubs the Child is affiliate with (e.g., the local soccer team, the regional soccer league, and/or the state soccer organization) so that the Clubs may provide Club related services to the Child (e.g., register the Child as a member of the Club, provide Club information, and/or issue a state player number for the Child). Please see Section 6 (Personal Data) of the Terms of Use to understand the Clubs’ obligations with respect to the Child’s Personal Information.
      • Although we currently do not have a parent company, any subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under a common control (collectively, “Affiliates”), we may in the future. We may share some or all of a Child’s Personal Information with these Affiliates, in which case we will require our Affiliates to honor this Children’s Privacy Policy. If another company acquires our Company or our assets, that company will possess the Child’s Personal Information collected by it and us and will assume the rights and obligations regarding the Child’s Personal Information as described in this Children’s Privacy Policy.
      • We may share a Child’s Personal Information with third party service providers to provide the Child with the Site and Services; to conduct quality assurance testing; to facilitate creation of Accounts; to provide technical support; or to provide specific services (collectively, the “Outsourcing Purposes”). These third party service providers are required not to use a Child’s Personal Information other than to provide the services requested by Company.
      • Regardless of any choices you make regarding your Child’s Personal Information, Company may disclose such Personal Information if it believes in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on Company; or (b) protect or defend the rights or property of Company or users of the Site (collectively, the “Enforcement Purposes”).
    7. SecurityCompany is committed to protecting the security of a Child’s Personal Information. We use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect a Child’s Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Despite these measures, you should know that Company cannot fully eliminate security risks associated with Personal Information and mistakes may happen.
    8. Links to Other SitesOur provision of a link to any other website, is for the Child’s convenience and does not signify our endorsement of such other website or its contents. When the Child clicks on such a link, the Child will leave our Site and go to another website. During this process, another entity may collect Personal Information or anonymous information from the Child. We have no control over, do not review, and cannot be responsible for, these outside websites or their content. Please be aware that the terms of this Children’s Privacy Policy do not apply to these outside websites or content, or to any collection of data after the Child clicks on links to such outside websites.
    9. Changes in this Privacy PolicyThis Children’s Privacy Policy is a living document. As part of the Terms of Use, this Children’s Privacy Policy is subject to occasional amendment, in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use. If we plan to make material changes to our collection, use, or disclosure of Children’s Personal Information, we will revise this Children’s Privacy Policy to reflect those changes, notify the Parents of Children via the Parents’ registered email addresses, and request renewed verifiable consent from those Parents. Thirty (30) days after such notice has been sent to Parents, we will implement the planned changes and suspend the use of any Accounts for which we have not received verifiable Parental consent.
    10. Contact Us Company owns and operates the Site and is the company that wishes to collect Personal Information from Children on the Site. Company welcomes comments or questions regarding this Children’s Privacy Policy. Please e-mail us at or contact us at the following address or phone number:

      Korrio, Inc.
      1941 1st Avenue South, 3C
      Seattle, WA 98134
      (206) 333-2400

This Privacy Policy was last updated November 3, 2010.

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