Feature Name: Admin Authorized Addresses & Autocomplete

For Whom? Club Admins

How does this Help?

As a Club Admin you can now provide authorized addresses to your club profile that will auto-complete the address field for your members when they are entering event information in their calendars.  This is particularly helpful for the various field locations your club uses for practices and games.

After you have entered in these locations your coaches or managers will only need to start typing the name of the field they are playing on and the address will auto-complete.  This ensures everyone gets the appropriate driving directions – no more getting lost!

*It is very important to note that these locations are linked directly to Google Maps.  To ensure you provide the right address, please go to Google Maps, find your location, then copy and paste the address into Korrio.

How it Works?

Go to your Club homepage and click on ADDRESSES.

  1. Select ADD ADDRESS
  2. Type in Field Name and then copy and paste address directly from Google Maps