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Fall Soccer Questions with Kristine Lilly

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I love this time of year, when I’m thinking, breathing and sleeping soccer. My time and energy has been invested in the game ever since I was 6 and had my first soccer game – from game-day preparation, working with teammates, post-game recovery, training intensity at practice, etc. Even as a coach I’m thinking about new ways to improve team performance, keep my players healthy and strong, and coordinate team bonding activities.


What’s going through your mind this soccer season?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get advice from one of soccer’s greatest legends?

Kristine Lilly wants to talk soccer with you!


Lilly is a 23-year veteran of the US Women’s National Team. She is the world’s all-time appearance leader with 352 caps. She has 130 career goals, second only to Mia Hamm in US history. She played in 4 Women’s World Cups and 3 Olympic games, winning 2 World Cup Championships and 2 Olympic Gold Medals. She is the only player to appear for the US in 4 different decades and is both the youngest and oldest player to ever score a goal.

Let’s not forget in all those years of playing she never had a knee injury and came back to play on the National Team after the birth of her first daughter (at age 39).

Lucky for you, you’ll have to opportunity to get advice from Kristine. Whether you’re a player, coach, parent or fan, now’s your opportunity to ask the Queen of Caps how she performed at such a high level for so long.

On Friday, visit our Facebook page and leave your questions on the comment thread when you see our post inviting you to talk soccer with the Queen of Caps.

Answers to your questions will be posted on Facebook once/day everyday Monday Sept 17th – Friday Sept 21st. Be sure to check back daily!

I’m sure we can all learn a great deal from her experiences that will make this fall soccer season that much more rewarding and fun. Talk to you on Friday!