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Learning from Other Sports

Across the country, we are seeing that once one season ends, another begins.  Our children move from the traditional outdoor season to the indoor soccer season. Some of our children will play winter sports like ice hockey, volleyball, and basketball. In other areas the summer/fall sports never seem to end. We, as students of the game of soccer (and sports in general), should take advantage of these opportunities to learn from not only the techniques and tactics of other sports, but from coaches of those sports.Back in my college coaching days, I would arrive early to my training sessions to watch whichever team was scheduled before my practice. Some days it would be football and others it would be the men’s soccer program. I went with my notebook and pen in hand and tried to sit in a spot where I could hear the words and phrases used for the instruction given to the players throughout the activities. I was eager to learn new ways to teach skills, techniques, and tactics to my players. I would always be looking for the terms that I could collect that could be incorporated into my training sessions to more effectively reach, engage, and connect with my team.

The explanations I can provide to my athletes at practice are for me a central method for how I instruct. So, if I find new tools and methods to reach my team at a different or even higher level, then that transfers into better knowledge acquisition for players and we end up reaching the outcomes set for the program and practice sessions.

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