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The Biggest Thank You from the Youngest Players

Coaches spend countless hours planning for practices, figuring out how to motivate the team on cold and wet days, and organizing fun activities so everyone stays engaged – especially if you are coaching Pre K soccer. Our last day of soccer was this weekend and as always I feel that it is important to recognize these novice players with some type of participation award. This year I had some extra medals from my camps. The medals were simple with a ribbon with the word SOCCER written on one side and a golden soccer ball in the middle. There was no reference to MVP or All Star; it was just a soccer medal. Players were announced and the parents cheered for all of them, it was great. The next day I received an email from a parent telling me how his son wore his medal proudly all day and when it was time for bed carefully took off his medal and placed it in what he called his “special place”. When he woke up the next morning the first thing he did was put on that medal. A simple medal to adults, but means the world to a child.

At the end of our last soccer session one 5-year boy came up to a said “I cannot believe the season is over, I am going to miss you so much, thanks Coach”. I have worked with a number of teams and athletes of all ages, but this precious thank you from one of my youngest players I have ever coached will remain in my heart forever.