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Websites for sports organizations. What matters?

Your logo, crest, color and website banner are only part of the equation when it comes to brand. Prospective families don’t visit your site because of how cool your graphics are or because they think your site is prettier than your competitors. They come to your site because they heard you were the best sports organization to deliver coaching and player development to their young athlete. They come to your site because you are unique. They want to read about your organization, about your staff, your mission, how you support the community, what events you offer and what your goals are. Your website should have the relevant data they are looking for in a clutter-free design that people can find easily. That is a huge competitive advantage and speaks volumes for your brand. This is your opportunity to connect with your customers and prospects.

We have identified four main reasons people visit your sports site:

✓  Parents and players of a team want to find games times, tournaments, field locations, etc. (Hint: CONTENT MUST BE FRESH!!)
✓  To learn more about your organization
✓  Members of organization want to read blogs, news, event info or latest team successes
✓  Parents want to register their children


  • Stop thinking about your registration system and your website as two different platforms/solutions.
  • Eliminate teams using their own home grown solution for a team website. This dilutes and weakens your brand. Your organization should be consistent and organized in one platform.
  • We see sports organizations spending substantial investments on a customized website that cannot be easily managed or updated to represent their brand. Content and graphic changes need to be submitted and often can take weeks (frustration builds). Publishing content is the glue to clearly communicating your brand – and the ultimate goal when building your sports community. You must deliver your message clearly, connect your membership emotionally and motivate your families and players. At the end of the day, its about building trust with your customers. Relevant and current content is the key to your success.
  • 57% of Korrio parent survey respondents indicated they prefer to visit organization’s website for communication and updates.
Korrio offers a range of web hosting options to make things as easy or customized as you wish.  We would love to show you a demo. Contact to learn more.

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