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What is Korrio?

Korrio is the end to end service for youth sports by enabling administrators, coaches and families to organize, share and communicate their sports life. For clubs and organizations it automates the tasks and removes the complexity of managing registration, payments and scheduling. For families and fans it simplifies payments, schedules and sharing for everyone while protecting your privacy. Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple products from multiple vendors to get the job done. Korrio combines registration, team formation, scheduling, communication, club/team web hosting and mobile access – all in one integrated platform. Take the next 75 seconds to learn how Korrio works.

What does Korrio mean?

Pronunciation: \k-oreo\. Definition: to play (derived from the Maori word “kor”). Function: Software designed to organize, share and communicate your sports life.

Who are the people behind Korrio?

The Korrio team is a group of veteran business, technology and sports leaders who share a deep passion for sports. We’ve spent countless hours as coaches, parents of young athletes, and with our own athletic achievements including some accomplished professional sports careers. Click here to learn more about the Korrio team.

Does Korrio have a mobile app?

Yes, Korrio launched a companion mobile app for Korrio members on December 1, 2013. More information and download.

Can I add Korrio Fan accounts for grandparents, other relatives and friends of my child?

Yes, Korrio Fans is a new feature that allows fans to connect to their favorite players. Fans can receive live GameDay updates, see schedules (games & tournaments), directions, photos and can communicate directly and safely with player via Korrio messaging. Learn more  Siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends of the player, friends of the family… just tap on pennant icon to invite them.

What makes Korrio unique?

Korrio is the first truly integrated amateur sports solution. Previous products have either focused solely on the business needs of clubs or on trying to provide basic communication and sharing for teams. Korrio is the first to not only provide a state of the art management system for organizations of all sizes, but it includes a social network built around each player that connects their team, family and fans in a simple and secure way. Our smart technology knows whether you’re a player, parent/guardian, coach, team manager, club administrator or fan, and presents the information that matters to you.

What are the requirements to use Korrio?

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. You simply log in. Korrio lives entirely on the web and does not require any hardware, software, installation or training.

Can I access Korrio from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Korrio supports recent smartphones and tablets.

How much does it cost to use Korrio?

Korrio is provided as a cloud-based service paid for by the club/organization and provided to teams and families for free. Korrio charges an annual player fee. If your club or organization isn’t yet using Korrio, click here to contact us.

How secure is Korrio? Is my data safe?

Korrio provides full SSL encryption security on every page. Your data is safe while making profile updates or processing transactions. In addition, every Korrio hosted club and team web site has full SSL encryption.

I’m curious about privacy. What can others see about me and my child online?

Your privacy is Korrio’s top concern. Korrio’s patent-pending privacy engine decides what you can see based on your role (such as parent, coach, team manager, or teammate) and which pages you are viewing. You can only see info about those closes to you, and vice versa. We make it simple and safe for you and your family.

Is my personal data safe? Do you support COPPA compliance?

Korrio is fully compliant with COPPA and other state and federal laws designed to protect the privacy of adults and minors. Korrio uses advanced privacy technology to make our community one of the safest online. Our patent pending system makes it simple and safe for you and your family. Click here to learn more about Korrio’s Privacy Policy and Children’s Privacy Policy.

Does Korrio host my club and team web sites?

Yes, Korrio hosts club and team pages all in one integrated system. Team pages are automatically created through the registration process. Much of the content, such as schedules and rosters, are created by the registrar, coach and/or team manager and immediately accessible to players and parents.

How much disk space do we get per team and per club?

There is currently no limitation on the amount of disk space for individuals or teams within Korrio.

Can I view my history?

Korrio is centered on the player, so all of the player’s information and sports history — whether it be pictures in their gallery, personal information in their profile or connections to teammates – follows the player throughout his or her athletic career (even across sports, teams and seasons).

What happens to my data when the season is over and the team dissolves?

All data associated with a player is saved within Korrio and is accessible to you as a Korrio member. Even if you change clubs, your Korrio account belongs to you (as a parent, player or fan) and is available during the sports season and beyond.

Can I add events for other sports or activities in my schedule?

Yes, you can. In addition to the team and club related events that are automatically entered into your schedule by your coach, team manager or club administrator, you have the ability to create your own personal events for any activity – making it a great online “command center” for busy families. You can also add tagged reminders to individuals or groups within a team or family household.

Who controls my personal information?

You, not the club or team you’ve registered with, have complete control of the information in your profile and the profiles of any accounts for your children. The information you provide when registering through your club/association is used to populate your Korrio profile, and you may edit your profile at any time.

When will Korrio add new features and functionality and how will I find out about them?

Korrio evolves everyday. One of the benefits of delivering Korrio as a cloud-based service is that updates are happening daily. When new features or functionality are added to the system, you see them the next time you log in. We’ll announce major features on our blog and support center.

How do players and parents get started with Korrio?

Korrio offers simple “getting started” tips to make things easy for each new user. Korrio’s intuitive interface is natural and usable – proving just how efficient it truly is! In addition, our site includes a fresh support community.

Can I customize the number of coaches and managers on my site?

Yes – team coaches, managers, and administrators have the authority and flexibility to add additional coaches, managers and other positions such as Team Photographer, Snack Coordinator, etc. to the team.

How does Korrio provide username and passwords for my team?

The first time you register a player for a sports activity with your club/organization, accounts with unique usernames and passwords are created for you and your family. Each family member has an account, and parents/guardians have full access to children’s information without having to log out and log back in as the child.


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