How does Korrio work?

What makes Korrio unique?

Run your sports organization and elevate the experience for your members.

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Website & Hosting
  • Basic and Pro options, easy and custom
  • Website integrated with Korrio’s end-to-end system
  • Easy content editor for site updates & blog posts
  • All pages are encrypted (HTTPS) for highest level of security
  • Auto-generated team pages so members are always current
What’s in it for me?

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Registration & Payments
  • Great experience for members reduces problem calls to administrators
  • Low credit card rates via
  • Programs displayed based on eligibility
  • Easy to register multiple children
  • Fully integrated background checks
  • Members easily pay through dashboards
What’s in it for me?

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Financials & Reports
  • Up-to-the-minute data
  • Operations, financials, reporting
  • Create & save custom reports
  • Post checks, apply credits and issue refunds
  • Easily send email to all members with outstanding balances
What’s in it for me?

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Team Formation & Rosters
  • Create teams with simple drag & drop tools
  • Automatically roll-over last year’s teams
  • Print player cards & official rosters
  • Use your custom fields to build teams (school, address, coaching requests, etc.)
What’s in it for me?

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Schedules & Calendar
  • Schedule import tool for administrators
  • Team pages, dashboard and mobile app automatically update
  • Coaches & managers can easily update and add events
  • Automatic alerts for last-minute changes (email, text, or robo-call)
What’s in it for me?

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Club Communications
  • Communicate with any club group by roles and relationships
  • Add attachments, additional recipients & images
  • Send registration reminders
  • Create marketing email communications
What’s in it for me?

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Team Hub & Photo Gallery
  • Team websites automatically generated
  • All schedules and event details pushed to all members
  • Share and store photos, unlimited free storage
  • Easily editable by administrators, coaches, and managers
  • All roster and contact info at your fingertips
  • Scores and standings
What’s in it for me?

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Individual Dashboards
  • Event details, schedule, messages and team rosters at your members’ fingertips
  • Members can pay program balance and access forms/waivers
  • Members can update personal information so club has current data
  • Easily accessible from mobile or desktop
What’s in it for me?

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  • Improve day-to-day organization
  • Keep members updated on the go
  • All information automatically updates
  • Schedules & directions
  • Messages & urgent alerts
  • RSVP
What’s in it for me?

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  • Expands your club’s reach in community
  • Members can now easily share & connect with players’ fans
Fan benefits:
  • Share a detailed view of all games and tournaments, as well as directions to venues. Fans will never miss a thing.
What’s in it for me?

What are the pain points in your sports organization? Let Korrio help!

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