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“Why Brand Matters” Best Practices Guide

Does your soccer club, team or town have a brand?

Chances are, you haven’t given much thought to the concept. Most soccer coaches, team managers and volunteers are overly busy people, juggling numerous tasks and concerns. Strategizing about branding might not exactly top their to-do lists. Out of 55 state-level U.S. Youth Soccer (USYS) organizations nationwide, for instance, only four states have dedicated individuals assigned to marketing.

But this is a missed opportunity. Building a successful and reputable soccer organization is about more than wins and losses on the field. The experts – the coaches and administrators who’ve grown leagues from grassroots community clubs to large regional organizations – know there’s more to it. They know that branding and marketing are key elements in any successful club’s game plan.

Korrio has developed this exclusive guide to provide marketing value for your club. Need help? Have questions? Please feel free to contact We are here to help.

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