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Eagleclaw Football Academy – a modern soccer school with imagination & a bus!

Eagleclaw Football Academy exists for the passionate youth soccer player who wants to be the best. Eagleclaw’s focus is on individual player development and its programs are open to players, ages 5-15.  This is youth player development the way it should be done – with a true academy approach and soccer education based on a world-class curriculum. Here, players learn the technical skills and techniques used by the best players in the world, and are taught by top instructors featuring Coerver instruction and the Ajax Youth Academy curriculum. Emphasis is on the technical side of the game, such as mastering the ball, close ball control, precise dribbling, passing, movement and above all, creativity.

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Get on the bus

Their concept is unique – a deeply instructional soccer school with no tryouts or cuts. So for the players who want to reach their BEST, but find it challenging to get to the Eagleclaw training facility (Starfire Campus) – they offer a shuttle service from local schools! This is progressive, fun and makes life easier for parents!

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Feeding the imaginations of kids

Teaching and developing individual players to maximize their potential and creativity is what Eagleclaw is all about. They do this by delivering 3.5 hours of technical and tactical training each week.  The instruction is focused and designed intentionally so as not to burden players with over-training.  The instructor staff features many talented current professional players, which makes training sessions not only effective, but extremely fun.  Its amazing for kids to be training with the pros they’ll see on TV on the weekend playing for professional teams. The pros serve as positive role models and living examples of the results that can come from hard work and desire.  One day, a student came up to Joe Campos, Founder and Tactical Instructor at Eagleclaw and said, “I love my professionals”. Bottom line is that these kids are learning from the best and feel empowered by their wisdom and guidance.

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Korrio makes it all possible

“I could not have launched Eagleclaw without Korrio’s modern technology. Our business relies on it every single day. Korrio does not make my life easier, it makes my life possible”, said Campos. Eagleclaw takes full advantage of Korrio’s mobile app via smart phones and iPads. “Korrio’s mobile app is genius. Our entire organization is hooked. The RSVP feature is a favorite and is especially useful to our program!”

Academy website is the face to the world

Trying to find a contemporary automation solution that handles back end and web hosting is not an easy task. Korrio does it all in one platform, making it easy to administer and manage. “I am not a webmaster, so I needed a product that I could easily work with. I love the Korrio system! Our enrollment is growing exponentially and automation is making all the difference. Korrio is handling our growth easily.  I spend less time in the office and more time with the players. In addition, our brand is very important as we have many International partners and want the best user experience for our families and prospects.”


About Eagleclaw Football Academy

Eagleclaw Football Academy is Seattle’s elite youth soccer Academy, focusing intensely on individual player development. In partnership with Dutch professional club Ajax and Coerver Coaching, their training program provides a uniquely structured and comprehensive, Dutch-inspired curriculum designed to develop each player’s technical and tactical skills.

The Eagleclaw curriculum is also aligned with the U.S. Soccer Federation’s new player development model that specifically identifies the Ajax Youth Academy as the ideal model to follow for proper player development.

Eagleclaw Football Academy was created for the player who is ready to take soccer more seriously and do the work necessary to become a more skillful player. The ideal Eagleclaw member has a passion for the game, is a quick learner and has the drive and emotional maturity to do the work necessary to develop technically. Personality is also important.  We value young players who bring an infectious positive mental attitude to training and matches and have team leadership potential.

Academy programs are currently limited to boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 15. We encourage players to begin training with us at the earliest age possible, as we believe that development of fundamental technical skills at early ages sets up players for success at the more advanced levels of play.

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