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Kristine Lily Q&A: (Topic: Mom Tip on Finding Your Balance)

Q: How do you remain so active and make time for family also? How have you managed your soccer career, fitness and family?

It definitely isn’t easy balancing life, work and kids. However, so many working moms do it and you have to find what works best for you. My first tip is to have a great partner. My husband helps with the care of our kids. We balance time so we can get out and do our workouts and work while the other one takes care of our family.

When I don’t have the outlet of my husband, I try to do as much with my kids as possible. I travel around doing camps and bring them with me as often as I can. If I need to get a work out in, I do a workout in the driveway where they can play or run with me. I also run with one child in the stroller and my oldest rides her bike. So I get my workout in and the kids get some exercise. Plus they see me being active and healthy and that will hopefully stick with them later in life.

I really don’t think there is one way that works or that it is smooth sailing all the time. However I do see the importance of having time for yourself to feel good and do the job that you love. Make it work in your own way – even if it’s totally different than anyone else. Take time for yourself, because I think that is one thing mom’s tend not to do. Most put others first and don’t find the time for themselves. Find the balance – it can work and your kids and family will be better off if mom is happy!