All for sports!

“Servicing your customers” – what that means in youth sports.

Making life easier and more organized goes a long way.

Keeping customers is the key to success for any business. Attracting the right kind of athletes and families is an important part of building your brand. At Korrio, we realize the importance of servicing your customer in the world of sports. That is precisely why we developed the Korrio platform from the start.  The tolerance level people have in youth sports is extremely high – No other industry compares.


Here are 5 things we feel are required for sports organizations in todays modern technology era:

1. Having a well branded, fresh website that is easy to update so you can easily share important content with your customers. What parents need should be found within 2 clicks.

2. Powerful communication so you can keep everyone in the loop at all times -schedule updates,  field changes, weather notifications or general club communciation

3. A mobile app when you are on the go! Its imperative to have a way to connect from your mobile phone for busy families on the run.

4. Updated calendars with full event details (directions, field, uniform colors, volunteer assignments, etc)

5. A way to share your kids sports life with their biggest fans. (Korrio FANS)

Many clubs solely focus on teaching the game – which is VERY important. But, remember the investment families put into the sports with their time, energy and finances. Giving them a delightful experience only strengthens your business and brand. It puts the FUN back into sports. Remember, its always a team effort!