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  • No phone numbers or emails to remember—they’re all there—just one tap
  • Alerts (text, email, robocall) for last minute changes
  • Schedule changes update everyone’s calendars automatically
  • Event directions integrated with your phone’s map app
  • RSVP attendees list so you can call or message with ease
  • Rosters show relationships so you know all the families
  • Uniform color and type of playing surface—got that too
  • See coach’s notes and volunteer assignments—snacks are important
  • Shortcuts to your team and sports organization web pages

Your sports life doesn’t stop when you’re on the move.

You love sports–and now Korrio’s FREE mobile app can help you take charge of your sports life. Korrio pulls together everything you need into one place, right in the palm of your hand. Korrio mobile is designed to be your companion to the Korrio platform already in use by sports organizations for team and club websites, registration, communication, schedules, rosters and more. The app takes advantage of the valued information in Korrio today, so teams and busy sports families don’t have to worry about re-entering and managing the information themselves. Aren’t you busy enough already? We make your sports life easier, so you can have more fun.

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