All for sports!

Girls on the Run.

Here at Korrio, we’re very lucky to get the unique opportunity to work in sports every day. Many of us also coach or participate in sports at some level. Emily, Korrio Customer Experience Manager, has taken to a new program called “Girls on the Run”.  I recently asked her about it…


“Growing up, being involved in sports was always such an integral part of my development as a person. I learned how to manage my time, work with teammates and I built confidence as I refined my skills. I believe in the importance of providing opportunities for children, especially girls, to participate in sports. That is why I wanted to get involved with the Girls on the Run program. I love to run and want to empower young girls to tap into their athletic abilities while helping them to be confident, successful community members.”

Be sure to visit Girls on the Run to learn more! Take part in your area. Best of luck Emily – thanks for doing what you do!!


“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.”