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Korrio is a vital mobile resource to Sounders Academy & Families on the go

An interview with Julia Roberts, Academy Administrator, Sounders Academy


I was able to get a few minutes from Julia Roberts, the Sounders Academy Administrator and Former Professional Soccer Player in the NWSL (Washington Spirit and most recently Seattle Reign). Her schedule is busy! There is no doubt that Korrio automation helps bring it all together!

Tell me a little about the Sounders Academy?

The Sounders Academy, founded in 2010, has over 60 academy players and a dozen full time staff. As an officially recognized member of the US Soccer Development Academy Program, we provide the highest level of competition at the youth level. The most exciting part is the integration with the first team and the professional environment we are able to offer our players.

What is the mission of your organization?

“The top goal is to develop players to the best of their potential and prepare players to compete at the professional level. Ultimately, we want to produce the next future Sounder First Team Member.”

USSDA 2014 - SEP 20 - Seattle Sounders FC Academy vs. Strikers FC

What has been your experience with Korrio?

“My first experience with Korrio was as a player with the Seattle Reign. It was a nice commodity to have your schedule at your fingertips so that you could plan other commitments around your practice/lift/travel schedule. This was the first system where I felt I could reliably plan around my soccer schedule. The Sounders FC Academy requires a great commitment from both player and parents to attend anywhere from 4-6 sessions a week. Thus an updated, expanded schedule is vital to parents for planning purposes.

I had a vision of how I wanted Korrio to be used and creating a basic web page helped bring it all together for me. The Korrio support team was very helpful during our initial planning. The system itself is veryeasy to use, easy to add practices/games/meetings and quickly update parents of events that havebeen cancelled. I also enjoy the convenience of the automated notification system, which cuts down on one last email I have to send out.“

2014 - SEP 20 - Seattle Sounders FC U14 Academy

What do you rely on most?

“I use the master schedule tool the most for each team. It is convenient to be able to look at your entire month in a single snapshot. The ability to add event specifics has also been extremely helpful, so parents can easily refer Korrio instead of reaching out to me.”

Can you talk a bit about your Korrio mobile experience?

“I enjoyed using it as a player with the Reign because I was able to easily access my schedule on my smart phone. It is also convenient now when I need to screenshot a week and send to a player who is on trial with an Academy team and thus you don’t want to offer a full account until they sign. Our coaches/trainers that coach multiple age groups like the mobile app because they are able to see their multiple commitments at once and plan ahead if they think they will need additional help on overlapping days.”

What is the best part about Korrio?

“I trust that everything I update on my end is being accurately relayed to the players and families. It is important players and staff area all on the same page at all times. Communication to players/parents is key, our schedule is constantly changing and it is important that the line of communication be direct and prompt. It creates a positive experience for our families.”

2014 - SEP 20 - Seattle Sounders FC U14 Academy