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Korrio launches “Tagged Reminders” to Help Organize Sports Life For Teams and Families

Custom Tagged Reminders ensure no one misses a thing

SEATTLE, WA (September 12, 2014) – Korrio (, a cloud-based service for organizing and sharing youth sports, announced the addition of Tagged Reminders. This new feature keeps pace with the active lifestyle of sports families on the go via reminder notifications for important sports events and family to-dos.

Transforming sports

Korrio enables families, coaches and team managers to easily set reminders for team and household members. Korrio Tagged Reminders are unique as they let you set custom reminders for individuals or teams – simply and flexibly. Tagged Reminders can be created and edited via desktop and Korrio mobile.

“Korrio continues to elevate the sports experience for busy families, coaches and managers on the go by enhancing how we organize, share and communicate.”, said Steve Goldman, Founder and CEO of Korrio. “At Korrio, we focus on solving the sports challenges people face each day.”

Teams never miss a thing

Tagged Reminders can function as both a generic game alert for the entire team, or a very specific task for an individual or small group to remember.

Team examples:

  • “Team, remember to bring your warm up suits. Forecast calls for very cold weather.”
  • “Carol, David has a peanut allergy so please bring snacks without nuts.”
  • “Players, be to the field 30 minutes early tomorrow to help with set up.”
  • “Everyone, remember to bring your paperwork and checks for the tournament.”
  • “Please arrive an hour early to tomorrow’s game for team pictures.”

Keeping your family on task

Korrio now extends the team benefits to the household. A Korrio parent can create a family household of Korrio members enabling anyone in that group to easily set individual or group reminders. This helps  integrate your sports and family life in one place. You can also create family events in which any household member can set Tagged Reminders. This keeps everyone on the same page, always.

Household examples:

  • “Anna, don’t forget to bring your cleats – grass field.”
  • “Dad, don’t forget to pick me up from school tomorrow to bring me to my game.”
  • “Johnny, be sure to leave your home jersey in the laundry room so I can wash it before game tomorrow.”
  • “Mom, please remember to give me $5 for the pizza party after the game.”
  • “Emily, don’t forget your extra water bottle. It’s going to be hot!”


Tagged Reminders are available immediately as a free feature for Korrio members and are fully supported by Android and Apple smart phones, including iOS 8 and iPhone 6. 

About Korrio

Korrio is a cloud-based service for organizing youth sports that is easy, safe, integrated, and mobile.. Korrio provides the tools required for a contemporary sports experience and elevates the level at which sports are played by automating the things that get in the way — like web hosting, registration/payment, team formation, rosters, scheduling, reminders and communication.. Korrio is transforming sports at every level for the 100 million+ Americans who participate by making it easy to organize, share and communicate. Visit us at, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.