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“Loving game day” – Kristine Lilly Insight

When I was a kid, I LOVED game day! Actually I LOVED game day as an adult playing professional soccer too.

I loved being out on the soccer field and having my family and friends watch me play. However, that wasn’t always possible, especially in my high school years. My dad wouldn’t be able to make it home for my games so I would always have to share, way after the game, all the great or not so great things that happened. Although I loved sharing my game experience with my Dad, I think he would have loved to know more details, while it was happening. That is what’s so great about Korrio’s GameDay offering. You can live and re-live that game anytime, anyplace.

The ability to share game updates with whomever I want and not have to send a ton of text messages and miss out on watching the game is important to me as a parent. Sharing game highlights through GameDay makes my life easier and my family happier. Plus it saves the game content and special moments so the player and fans (family) can relive those games. It’s another way to keep everyone that is important to you close, while developing a sense of community through your kids’ sports.

Because my family is out of state, I look forward to sharing my daughters soccer experience through GameDay – it will be a great way for us to stay connected and make them happy that their biggest fans (Poppy, Grandma, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles) can be part of their game day.

Yup, I still love game day now as a parent and coach. It will never change.  Sports are a big part of my family and having a mobile app to bring it all together makes all the difference.

Enjoy the game!

Kristine #13

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