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Pick 6 Sports uses Korrio to provide a level of service that players and parents smile about

Pick 6 Sports mission is to put a smile on every child’s face by helping them build self-confidence through a positive, fun environment on a football field.  They care about whether or not the child has a smile on when they get in the car after the event. “As a parent, there is nothing worse then spending 2 hours out in the rain to have your child get in your car after the event and not be happy,” said Glenn Widmer, Co-Founder, Pick 6 sports, NFL Flag Football.

Flag Football

The Pick 6 philosophy:

  • Build Self Confidence in kids via coaching, developing, and practicing new skills
  • Power of positive reinforcement
  • It is fun to be active and moving
  • Inclusivity, everyone plays regardless of skill set
  • Focus on FUN and FUNdamentals
  • Player Safety #1 priority – Non contact football with rules, staff, and training to enforce safe play
  • Dream Big – It is too early to tell kids what they can’t do. We encourage them to reach for their dreams via hard work and practice.
Director of Development USA Football Sam Rapoport, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Kiilee Gerona, Coach Kai Gerona  (Photo by Gary Babcock)

Behind the scenes

In youth sports organizations around the country, there is way too much work that goes on behind the scenes, often using multiple systems to keep stuff organized. Parents have to go to different websites or calendars to see their children’s information. Teams within clubs are doing things differently as they are using various 3rd party systems to share pictures. This leads to customer dissatisfaction as parents with kids on different teams have different experiences. This is precisely what Korrio set out to solve. Administrators you are not spending time on the most important items, rather spending a lot of time trying to triangulate data between multiple excel spreadsheets. With volunteer organizations this is tough as you only have so much time in your day.

Korrio shows up ready to play

“The service that Korrio provides is top notch and their support team is very responsive. It’s always natural to wonder what service is going to be like after you sign the agreement and get thru the onboarding process. I’ve been very pleased with how quickly Korrio is there to support and resolve any issues. If a customer has a login issue at 7pm at night, I know that within a few hours, the issue will be resolved. The other thing I appreciate is how open they are to feedback. A lot of companies will just put development stuff on a list that maybe you will see 3 years later. Korrio has already implemented some of the items that I have suggested.”

Gina's Kid

The power of a brand

Along with a great product, the experience you offer families is vital to building a brand. For Pick 6, Korrio aligned perfectly with their brand goals. “When we set out to create Pick 6 Sports we wanted to provide a different level of experience to our Players, Coaches and Parents. We wanted to make it easy for parents to enjoy their child’s game, the coaches to be able to focus on coaching and make the life of administrators easier,” said Glenn. “We wanted a level of service unlike any other youth sports organization”.

“First and foremost our brand is all about our kids having a great time playing a game they love. Everything we do is focused on ensuring that the kids have a great time out on the football field.  Our focus is on Fun, Fundamentals, and Safety. We know the parents also play a big role in ensuring the kids have a great time and we do our best to take the stress out of the game for them by partnering with Korrio to provide superior technology platform to allow them to truly enjoy their kids’ game.”

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A winning team of features

“One of the biggest features is the registration process and payment integration. I have been with other youth organizations where you spend a lot of time collecting payments.” With Korrio, 99% of Pick 6 payments are collected at time of registration and others select an option to pay off over 4 months. This allows Pick 6 to focus their time on doing things that are going to have a huge impact on the field, plus it gives customer the option to meet their financial plan.

“The member query is a great feature as when I get a phone call or out at an event, I can quickly answer questions about their child by using the member look up. Reporting is another feature I use daily as the reporting suite is tremendous that Korrio provides. This includes everything from financial reporting to finding information on members in specific programs.”

Seahawks Half Time Game

Mobility matters

The Korrio mobile app is a game changer and differentiates Pick 6. “When I’m meeting with coaches or parents, I often give them a real-life demo. I will pull up the app to show them the calendar, GPS integration, and then how easy it is to message your team or coach. The best part of the demo is when my phone rings because of a last minute change and it’s the Robo caller with voice updates. Parents and coaches have lived with such tolerance for how youth sports have been run, that Korrio really opens their eyes to what it should be.”

Passion for the game

Pick 6 is passionate about letting kids dream and dream big in their program. “It is too early to tell kids what they can’t do. We encourage them to reach for their dreams via hard work and practice.” When Pick 6 built their program, they aligned with the NFL Flag program as that allows kids to wear officially branded NFL Jerseys.

Pick 6 Sports is probably the only youth flag football club to own a 17 Foot High inflatable Seahawks Helmet that the kids get to run out of during the season with the full effect of carrying a flag and having the fog machine going! How fun!

pick6 2

Website design & security

“As a new organization our goal is to make a huge first impression. Our website is our face to the world. When families come to our website, we want to invite them to learn more about our product. The Web tools that Korrio provides allows you to really be very creative in providing content, and tools to help provide a lot of information to your customers. I love being able to login and make changes or updates from the field as I get questions or feedback from my customers. Korrio provides you all the tools – and you get out of it what you put into it.”

“One of my biggest pieces of advice to clubs would be to get someone to help you with your brand graphics. Its very important to have coordinated look between website, flyers, signs, brochures, business cards, or advertisements. The other thing I would caution you is not to listen to people about how they will design a site that looks better or is cheaper. Your board is going to question you about it, parents will come out of the woodwork talking about how they can do it for cheaper. Trust me, it is worth paying Korrio as they provide a lot of stuff that you don’t even think about that keeps your organization and kids safe.”

pick6 site

“I recently met with an attorney/agent and she was curious about how we designed our system to be in accordance with child privacy laws. I mentioned Korrio, and the attorney went on to talk about what a great job Korrio does to ensure you are in compliance with laws and how good security is on the back end. It is those types of backend things that Korrio has a lot of man power on that folks who are offering to design your youth sports site for cheaper aren’t thinking about or don’t have the right knowledge to keep your organization safe.”

About Pick 6

Pick 6 Sports was founded in 2013 and just completed their first full year in 2014, and looking forward to an exciting 2015!  Pick 6 offers flag football leagues in the spring, summer and fall, with camps during the summer. In addition, they also offer a number of tournaments during the year. Our age range of our program is for boys and girls ages 4 to 15. For our flag football leagues we are a member of the NFL Flag program and in the spring we offer a 7 on 7 Passing league, which is designed to be a more competitive league. Pick 6 Sports is an official licensee of USA Football and offers other programs such as in school events and after school programs.  Visit them at