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The business of youth sports

Running your club with modern technology, efficiency and a great user experience is possible.


Building, maintaining and growing a successful sports organization or club is a perpetual effort. Establishing a strong brand can help ease some of these challenges. But how can you best service your customers and minimize administrative tasks? Your time is best spent teaching, building educational curriculum for coaches and players, building your community and having FUN!

Korrio’s mission is to transform youth sport by delivering a contemporary sports automation system that unifies and amplifies sports for every stakeholder. Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple products from multiple vendors to get the job done. Korrio provides the tools required to get players on the field as well as an online environment for staff, families and fans to share and build community. Everything you need in ONE place.

Survey data shows that half of volunteers reportedly serve their organization for only one to three seasons. 25% of respondents also reported that they spend over 60 hours per week during season dealing with administrative functions. These results mean dealing with regular turnover, recruiting and training concerns (recruiting volunteers was top challenge facing youth sports – 56% agreed). The burden on volunteers can be overwhelming as we know it takes an army to run any successful youth sports program.

Sports should be fun – for all everyone involved. That is precisely why Korrio designed technology to make things simpler and more efficient.

Are you ready for change? Learn more about the power of Korrio – spend 30 minutes with us for a personal demo. It will be time well spent, promise.