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West Marin Youth Soccer League Teaches that “Better People, Makes Better Players.”

The WMYSL together with the Ross Valley Breakers FC is made up of over 600 athletes in western Marin County north of San Francisco, representing many small towns in a program designed for U6-U19. After doing some serious shopping in sports automation, Korrio came out on top. “Head to head, there was no comparison, even with consumer based apps like TeamSnap. What was extremely obvious in a pleasant way was how well the user interface was designed. NO visual pollution, which makes for a very nice experience” said Bruno Alicke, Board Member and Club Administrator.

“Our previous solution did not live up to its promise. We needed to logistically get everything centralized, in one place. In the past everything was just too complicated. Now, we have rostering, communication and financials running smoothly. That is making such a difference in our day-to-day workload. We are very excited to get our website up on the Korrio platform soon!”

The WMYSL enjoys exposing kids to the game and developing them over the years. But, their focus is on building confidence and leadership, so they ultimately make better people, not simply better players. Bruno said “We are very pleased and look forward to future features within Korrio. We are invested and know this decision will positively impact our entire organization.”