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Banfield: A chat with a second Steve behind the Korrio Platform

Korrio became a yearly Title Sponsor at because they believe in local soccer. We’ve been featuring more about the company in articles about the people of Korrio. Today we get a glimpse of CPO Steve Banfield. He’s at that desk over there…

Make no mistake of it; the Steve’s make the Korrio world go ground. Startup companies are characterized by fresh, unique ideas or products managed by a relatively small work force that functions at warp speed with the ability to change direction on a dime.

As we wrote about in a previous post Steve Goldman is the visionary who brought Korrio to life through an illustrious career in the high-tech industry and a love of his kids and sport. We’ve also unveiled the dynamic team whose wealth of experience in youth sports not only provide superior customer service but also brings interesting industry related content, such as concussion awareness, to sports families and communities.

But what does Korrio have that allows it to be an adaptive and innovative tech company? That’s where Steve comes in – and this time we’re talking about our Chief Product Officer Mr. Banfield.

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