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Can Technology Help Organize Youth Soccer?

Soccernation, Posted by Diane Scavuzzo

Soccer News:  18 Million Youth Soccer Players Want to Play Soccer, Not Spend Hours Resolving Game Conflicts.

Ever stop to think how all those soccer games get organized?  How are tournament schedules created and player registrations handled?  When you realize the size of the market, 18 million soccer players in the U.S. and the enourmous, mind boggling number of games and conflicts that have to be scheduled and resolved every year, one thinks it is about time that technology helped youth soccer.

Can Technology help solve the issues all players and coaches face?  From AYSO to the highest, most competitive levels of Cal South in California,  there are enourmous scheduling and player conflicts.  The youth soccer market is huge and fractioned with numerous player registration systems that do not communicate with each other.  What if this all changed?  Technology experts would really have to understand the needs of the soccer market first….

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