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Korrio donates Playflow to Club Jubilee Sports

New Bellevue youth soccer program adopts Korrio’s Playflow sports automation platform to organize teams and streamline communications

SEATTLE, WA (November 15, 2011) – Korrio (, developer of the 21st-century sports automation platform Playflow, has donated its service to Club Jubilee Sports, giving the free after-school youth soccer program access to sophisticated technology to support its future growth.

Club Jubilee will use Playflow for all league operations relating to its 300-plus players, including registration, roster creation and game/practice scheduling. The platform, released earlier this year, integrates web, mobile and social networking to provide coaches, administrators, parents and players with a comprehensive and easy-to-use online home. Each user has a customized dashboard view into his or her team and receives real-time updates on last-minute changes, along with the ability to share messages and photos.

“We are so pleased to offer Playflow’s technological resources to this charitable sports program,” Korrio Founder and CEO Steve Goldman says. “Club Jubilee is doing important work with disadvantaged youth through its free after-school soccer league in Bellevue. In times of economic stress, sports can serve as much more than fun. More importantly, keeping kids engaged and on a positive path is core to our company’s mission.”

Club Jubilee Sports serves children ages 11-14 at seven Bellevue public middle schools: Highland, Odle, Tillicum, Tyee, Big Picture, International and Chinook. Teams are open to all interested students and employ a “no cut” policy. Players, many of whom are considered at-risk and low-income, are organized into 11 boys’ and girls’ teams, each of which is linked to a Playflow site for the school. Practice is held every afternoon on school grounds, with teams playing weekly games. Club Jubilee, part of Jubilee REACH, plans to offer flag football in winter, as well as soccer and basketball in spring, with the aim of serving 700 youth in its inaugural year. Playflow will be used to organize all Club Jubilee leagues.

“We’re building on the values taught in sports to redeem lives, inspire academic success, teach life skills and build character and competency in potentially idle middle school kids who need positive activities to plug into,” says Tim Kuykendall, Club Jubilee Sports Commissioner. “We’re very grateful for Korrio’s donation of Playflow, which has given our program a superior product we might not otherwise have had access to. The way it connects coaches, parents and players is phenomenal; it enables us to build essential parent-child relationships and has added a lot of value to our organization.”

While Internet access to Playflow can be challenging for some Club Jubilee families, participating schools have made significant efforts to help parents sign players up, for example, by offering dedicated laptops for registration. As a result, about two-thirds of Club Jubilee Sports players are currently registered on Playflow. The ultimate goal is to register all participants.

Club Jubilee hopes to grow its sports program to include more schools and more sports, Kuykendall says. With public school sports programs suffering dramatic cuts region wide, free programs such as Club Jubilee are becoming increasingly attractive to schools. And parents, many of whom cannot afford sports fees in these tough economic times, are grateful for the additional extracurricular opportunities. Kuykendall foresees Playflow becoming even more useful as Club Jubilee Sports grows. “As we expand, having a solid online communications platform will become even more crucial,” he says.

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About Club Jubilee

Club Jubilee integrates into the public educational system, providing youth of all backgrounds and economic status with on-campus educational and recreational enrichment, provided by caring community volunteers. Our mission is to engage Bellevue residents – drawing on their time, talents and resources – and motivate them to invest in neighborhood youth. In turn, youth are provided the resources, support and hope they need to thrive. Club Jubilee Sport employs the same relational principles and virtues found in all Club Jubilee programs: to engage, equip and encourage coaches, tutors and volunteers to be positive role models and influential mentors in the lives of youth and their families. Through the leadership of our coaches, youth are provided a sense of belonging, a safe place to pursue their dreams, an opportunity to work as a team and build respect for others and themselves and inspiration to pursue productive future paths. Watch Jubilee Sports’ video or visit the organization’s website at

About Korrio

Korrio, founded in January 2009, is the developer of Playflow™, a 21st-century youth sports automation platform. Korrio has a singular focus on kids and sports. The company’s mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that get in the way — like registration/payment, team formation, rosters, scheduling, communication, and web hosting. Korrio is easy, safe, integrated, and mobile. Visit us online at and watch our Korrio video to learn how to elevate your game.

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