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NSCAA “I Coach Because…” – winner Dina Gentile

Posted by Xiao Wang, NSCAA 

For the Future of this Great Sport, Q&A with Dina Gentile

“I’m a coach because young players are the future of this great sport. My goal is to infect each player with soccer passion so that they never want to stop playing and they always want to elevate their game. I strongly believe each practice session should be filled with teaching moments, dynamic activities, and one on one engagement with players. Each player should feel special playing on our teams and leave each session feeling like they learned something new. I coach because I want players to connect with each other and to feel like winners because they tried a new skill or accomplished and individual goal. I coach because when you get on a soccer field, you can be part of building confident, quick thinking and team oriented young people.” —- Dina Gentile

Sport is not solely about winning. A sport will keep moving forward and developing as participants maintain their passion and enjoyment of it. We hold the same view with Dr. Dina Gentile who believes each training session should be special and dynamic so that players can obtain satisfaction through learning new skills and making effort. Her devotion to the future of soccer makes her the winner of “I’m coach because…” campaign.

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