All for sports!

Sports Awareness Day – Will Power 9/26/12

Will Power: the ability of a person to exert his/her will over the inhibitions of their body or self.

Exactly why this event named after Will Archibald, a graduate of Endicott College who became paralyzed after an accident but still found a way to compete in sport up until he passed in January 2012, is so special. This event will serve as reminder to us all that sports make a difference each and every day in a personal way.

Dina Gentile, Professor of Sports Management challenged her students to put this event together. We were so inspired, that Korrio decided to get involved. Why? Because we love sports and want to encourage people to participate at every level. This first annual event is designed to educate people about the challenges disabled athletes face in their daily lives and sports endeavors.

Korrio recently launched a new tagline “One for all. All for sports.” This defines our mission at Korrio. We develop technology to help people organize and share sports.  We want the focus of volunteers, coaches and staff to be on developing the players and having fun.  We are committed to transforming sports and encouraging play. We want kids to experience sports. We want to keep kids involved in sports.

Show your support and help raise funds to support the Positive Coaching Alliance and the Boston Blazers Wheelchair team. Meet Paralympians and attend educational seminars – free of charge.

I loved the Boston Blazer’s motto – “Just Wanna Play Ball”.  Don’t we all. Come out and meet the players or put a team together! Contact Dina Gentile with questions.

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Sept 26th
Sports Awareness Day
5:30-8:30 Wheelchair Basketball Event

Students at Endicott College in Sport Management, Physical Education, and Athletic Training are combining their efforts to organize a Sport Awareness Day highlighted by a Wheelchair Basketball Game on Wednesday, September 26th starting at 10:00 am and continuing throughout the day until 8:30 pm in the Post Center, Endicott College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly. The events are free and open to the public.