All for sports!

Steve Goldman organizes Korrio with sports families in mind

Posted by David Falk,

Steve Goldman used a break in his high tech career to refocus his energy on something he loves and believes in. In 2011 Goldman launched Korrio, a company that seeks to ease some of the hassles families and administrators encounter when running soccer and other youth sports teams.

“I got a great email the other day from a Mom who has one child that plays for Eastside FC, another that plays for Lake Hills,” Steve Goldman tells me the other day. “Two of her kids were participating with their teams in a Washington Youth Soccer State Cup Tournament. Meanwhile a third child of hers plays in the state EPD system. That is many relationships, players, clubs and a parent…but we rolled all of that into her single Korrio user dashboard without her having to lift a finger, so she can keep track of all of them.”

So it goes for Goldman’s start-up company Korrio, launched officially just this year. Goldman took time out from his high tech adventures to talk to me about the company and its efforts to live by the slogan “More Sport, Less Hassle.”

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