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Stormer’s Soccer Club to Use Korrio’s Playflow

Cutting-edge soccer organization becomes first New York State West Youth Soccer Association club to select Korrio’s Playflow sports automation platform, taking its operations to a new level of high-tech integration and efficiency

SEATTLE, WA (September 7, 2011) – Korrio (, developer of the 21st-century sports automation platform Playflow™, announced today its selection by the Stormer’s Soccer Club as its official sports automation platform provider.

Stormer’s, part of the New York West Youth Soccer Association, is the first club in its region to adopt Korrio’s Playflow; it will use the platform to manage all aspects of club and team operations for its roughly 300 players. The ambitious travel club, located in the youth soccer hotbed of Rochester, NY, has grown from six to 21 teams. It adopted Playflow to accommodate its expanding operations and improve efficiency for administrators and volunteers, President Greg Lull said.

Playflow, which debuted earlier this year, integrates web, mobile and social networking to provide coaches, administrators, parents and players with a comprehensive and easy-to-use online home. Each user has a customized view into their team and club and receives real-time updates on important schedule updates, directions and weather. The platform also streamlines and automates essential administrative tasks, such as registration, payment processing, roster creation and game/practice scheduling.

Sophisticated Database Design Proved To Be A Long Term Solution

“I am so impressed with how Playflow was built, with such tremendous thought and planning around the player,” said Lull, who considered a variety of online products to automate club operations before choosing Korrio. “It is technologically superior to any other solution I’ve researched.”

“It has so many strengths: a sophisticated, intuitive design, ease of use, ability to store data from season to season, thorough integration of information and efficient organization,” he said. “Korrio’s support is also excellent. It’s a very intuitive platform, but if I have any challenges or questions, I get an immediate response. I am proud to be an early adopter of this innovative and well-designed product.”

Web Hosting Made Easy

Korrio Founder and CEO Steve Goldman said he’s excited to partner with the cutting-edge club, helping it take its organization and online presence to the next level. “The Stormer’s Soccer Club is a forward-thinking club that demanded an efficient way to manage its organization,” Goldman said. “Playflow is built to make it easy for new volunteers to jump in quickly and learn the system.”

Lull confirmed Playflow’s design makes it easy to share work with the club’s many enthusiastic volunteers. “I can delegate work quickly, without conducting a huge amount of training, which is extremely helpful when I’m working with new volunteers,” he said. “The ease with which we can now create reports and rosters, and communicate with parents and players, has made less work for everyone. We’ve streamlined our workflow and now can conduct all operations in one online ‘place.’ Our volunteers work so hard – everything they do is aimed at helping our kids enjoy soccer – so I am happy to offer an online solution that makes their back office work easier and more enjoyable.”

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About the Stormer’s Soccer Club

Founded in 1980, the Stormer’s Soccer Club is based in Rochester, NY, and serves roughly 300 youth players. In the past seven years, it has grown from six to 21 competitive, traveling teams. The club focuses on character building, individual skills and good sportsmanship – the drivers of excellent play. We are completely volunteer-run, from our staff to our coaches. To learn more, please visit


About Korrio

Korrio, founded in January 2009, is the developer of Playflow™, a 21st-century youth sports automation platform. Korrio has a singular focus on kids and sports. The company’s mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that get in the way — like registration/payment, team formation, rosters, scheduling, communication, and web hosting. Korrio is easy, safe, integrated, and mobile. Visit us online at and watch our Korrio video to learn how to elevate your game.


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