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Team Together Challenge Recap

Remember that Team Together Challenge contest we recently ran?  In 5 short weeks we had over 1,500 photos posted by followers of Korrio.  South Hill Soccer Club’s Boys ’99 Revolution won the Challenge with over 350 photos posted by several people from their team.  When I called their team manager to notify her that their team had won, I was greeted with shouts of excitement.  “We won! We won! We won!”

“I was so excited, did a little happy dance and could not wait for my son to get home from school to share the news.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  It was just cool to win after all the hard work and time that went into loading all the photos.  The boys were ecstatic.  They cannot wait to design and get them.  One mom sent me a message stating her son could barely speak when he got home from practice.” – Stephanie McDaniel

The SHSC Boys 99 Revolution are a U12 team coached by Greg Howes, and despite being very young, some have played together for 5 years.  Though their team is very tight and competitive – this last summer they won 1st place in both the King of the Hill Tournament and the Silver 1 bracket at Big Foot – the parents and the boys were eager to participate in a Challenge that would help enhance their team camaraderie.

“Everyone was excited and this was a fun challenge to do.  The boys all wanted their parents to take photos and wanted to get involved.  For me it was fun for my son to get online, check out what others had loaded for photos, and pick out some of our photos to up load.  Parents and kids were constantly asking where we stood and were always asking us to bring our camera to take more pictures.”- Stephanie McDaniel

As you may recall, the grand prize for wining the Team Together Challenge was the opportunity to design a team miAdidas Samba shoe.  Last week the boys all gathered at Stephanie’s house to design their shoes on a big screen. Getting 15 boys to all agree on the same design was difficult – but fun.  Take a look at what they came up with:

All 17 pairs of shoes – 15 players and 2 coaches – were embroidered “SHSC” but each boy got to put his own jersey number on the shoes – talk about customization!  This is no doubt an experience they will never forget.  Take a look at the photos of their design party:

Of the Korrio contest Stephanie said, “We will participate in future challenges, promotions and games.  Team bonding is important for a successful team.”

This is exactly why Korrio ran the photo contest – to help teams increase their camaraderie and show their colors, on and off the field.

Don’t think we forgot about the runner’s up – the GU14 Stormers Twisters who posted close to 300 photos were also sent a Korrio Care package.  They received $250 in Regal Cinemas tickets to enjoy the ultimate night out at the movies as well as Korrio t-shirts, wristbands, and a soccer ball.  One of their players wrote, “Thank you so much for the care package. My team and I love winning shirts and cool prizes. My team is very close but I feel like I only know them through soccer and I do not often see them outside of soccer, seeing that I am a freshman in high school and they are only in middle school. It will be a great experience for all of us.”


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