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The most important responsibility of youth sports organizations: Safety & security of players

Korrio has teamed up with, a leading provider of nationwide criminal background checks, to fully integrate the management of these background checks in the registration experience. Korrio not only increases the level of protection, but using the very best technology, Korrio can make the process quick and easy and reduce the amount of time it takes volunteers to sort, organize, and evaluate the results. A win-win for everybody involved.


“This is another significant step forward in an area we care deeply about – youth safety. Performing state level checks alone is not adequate. We built an intuitive and simple interface to manage background checks that removes the burden from Administrators. This feature is just another way sports organizations can add value for their customers – the families and players.” – Steve Goldman, Korrio CEO & Founder


Privacy and security is Korrio’s top concern:

  1. Fully integrated background checks
  2. Full SSL encryption security on every page
  3. Every Korrio hosted club and team website has full SSL encryption
  4. Korrio’s patent-pending privacy engine decides what you can see based on your role


You can’t afford not to make this a priority. Everything you need to run your sports organization in ONE place. Need a consultation appointment? We are ready to help.