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5 Common Mistakes Coaches Make While Coaching Young Athletes



Depending on the coach, a practice session can be made the most uninteresting sessions for youth. We know that parents and kids can make a lot of mistake during practice sessions, but so can coaches.

Here is a list of the most common 5 mistakes coaches can make:

  1. Overload of Information or Coaching to the kids: To allow a kid to develop to their full potential, the coach has to let the kids at times make their own decisions during the games. Even in the practice sessions, the coach should try to logically explain the benefits of tactics and techniques rather than imposing them on the kids.
  2. Not knowing how to make the coaching fun and interactive with the youth: Just merely running the practice sessions with no plan and no fun drills might lead to the loss of interest and distraction in the team.
  3. Losing your temper quite often:  A coach should always stay in control of their emotions at all times, and be a role model for the kids and parents. If you cannot remain in control of your temper, how will kids and parents follow the code of conduct?
  4. Negative attitude towards mistakes or losses: Kids are bound to make mistakes. A coach should understand that making mistakes and learning from them is a key factor in ensuring that kids grow to their full potential. Nobody in this world has been perfect or has succeeded without making any mistakes. Being positive and focusing on what kids can do in future is what will help the kids learn more and try their best.
  5. Complete focus on winning:  The goals of any coach teaching a sport to kids should be to teach the kids the importance of winning, but more importantly make the kids learn the life lessons through their coaching and the sport.  Ultimately for the kid to succeed in their lives outside the sport, it is these lessons which will help them overcome any hurdle.