All for sports!

Good balance.

The snow is slowly melting and the days are getting longer – that means one thing, spring is around the corner. I’m not sure which corner but it is coming. I know many of you are excited for spring so you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air after the long winter months. I look forward to spring for just that reason, to get out and play.

Although fall always means soccer season, spring lets me get the cleats out and have some fun with the ball. I grew up playing all sports so the spring meant baseball season or softball. Baseball was my first love so I enjoyed doing another sport along with the fun I had with soccer in the spring. I know these days, soccer seems to be all year round. For some, that means no other sports and that make me a little sad. Even though I loved soccer the best I would have been lost without my other sports.

I am a huge proponent of multi-sports for kids. I played soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball/baseball in the spring. I knew when a new season was coming that a new sport would be coming too. It balanced out what I was doing and it also let me meet new friends. It gave me the relief from soccer that I needed because I don’t think I ever burned out from playing soccer. A good balance and lots of fun helped me enjoy my young years of playing all sports.

I used my off seasons from soccer to have fun with the soccer ball. I would work on juggling, kicking the ball against the wall and just having fun with the ball. It gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted with the ball and build my confidence on the ball as well.  So with the presence of soccer in my life, I did have time for other sports and other things.  I believe in a good balance in life, not only with sports but also with food and with work. So as the snow melts and the days warm up, be excited to get outside with a soccer ball, basketball, a bike, a bat, or just some friends. Have fun!