All for sports!

8 Rules For Sports Parents


Youth sports are so popular because kids have a fun time while learning about important life skills.. It’s great for the kids to learn the importance of winning, but it is even more important for them to learn how to become a better human being in the process. Parents play a huge role in making sure that the kids develop lasting memories from sports and live up to their full potential.

Here is a list of 8 must know rules every parent should keep in their mind:

  1. Always be positive with your kids, irrespective of the results or your expectations.
  2. Always try to encourage your kids to give their best. Don’t offer excuses for their absence.
  3. Never bad mouth their coaches in front of your kids. If they see their parents not respecting their coaches, how will they listen to the coaches?
  4. Always stress the importance of getting good grades and balance the right amount of time on their studies.
  5.  Never compare your kids with others. Every human being on this earth is different and comparison with others will always lead to frustration and lowering of a kid’s self-image.
  6. Don’t try to force your expectations and goals on your kids. Let your kids set their own goals and help them give their best to achieve their goals in an encouraging manner.
  7.  Make sure the kids know the importance of following the code of conduct of the team.
  8. Let the Coach do their job.  There is a reason coaches are there and it’s their jobs to decide what is best for kids. If you have any issue, discuss it privately with the coach to understand his/her perspective.