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Home for thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is upon us. I love being with friends and family and eating lots of food. I like how Thanksgiving and the holidays bring family together or better yet just people.

Throughout my career I missed many Thanksgiving dinners with my family, but ended up spending them with friends and teammates on the National Team.

The 1991 World Cup in China took place during Thanksgiving.  So since we weren’t home, we decided to have Thanksgiving in China. We had so much fun. It was the whole team plus the family and friends that traveled to support us.  I have to admit that I don’t remember how good the food was but I do remember I was with friends and my dad was there so that was special.  Oh yeah and that we won the World Cup, the first ever.

In 2010 I ended up having Thanksgiving again with the National Team. This time I was in Chicago Illinois. We ended up being on the road because we didn’t qualify during the CONCACF qualifiers in Mexico.  We lost in the Semi’s so that meant that we had a playoff with Italy for the final spot in our region.

So we ended up going to Italy to play them there first then they came to Chicago to play us. This all took place around Thanksgiving.  I have to say it was another memorable Thanksgiving with the U.S. Women’s National Team.  This time we all contributed either by cooking, cleaning, chilling or eating. Oh and we also ended up qualifying for the 2011 World Cup too. The U.S. National Team was always like a second family.

This year I am glad to be with my family again and hosting the festivities. My brother and sister-in law help with a lot of the cooking but really it is a group effort. I honor my Grandma by making her apple pie.  It never turns out quite like hers but it makes me smile thinking about her.  So wherever you are this Thanksgiving, or whomever you are with, appreciate all that you have and that you have someone to share it with.

Be thankful and grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving.