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Family investment in youth soccer

Time and money. This is what we all invest when developing our young players to pursue their passion for sports. We drag our little ones to and from practice as they develop their skills and build their confidence.

family investment in youth soccer

In our recent survey “2012 Korrio Youth Soccer Parent Survey”
– 46.5% of parents spent 6-10 hours each week, per child invested in soccer
– 55.4% say the time commitment has increased over last year
– 30% of families spend between $1500-$2,000 each year, per child on youth soccer
– 55.4% say cost is NOT a determining factor to play sports at any level

We do whatever it takes to fulfill the ambitions of our children. Each day I try to balance work, life and parenting three young athletes. You want to give them every opportunity for success and in most cases, this means club soccer. Few of us have a money tree in the backyard. Instead we have soccer nets where are children practice their skills each and every day.

I asked Kristine Lilly, our Korrio Soccer Ambassador what she thought about this topic.

“Now a days with club soccer it’s difficult not to pay for your kid to get the best opportunities. I grew up in a time before club soccer existed as it does today, so we played for our town team and only paid a small fee prior to each season. You have to figure out what you want out of it. Can you avoid getting caught up in the politics or find a place that is true to the kids and to the game? Do you want a place where they would just have fun playing soccer? It’s hard these days and I will soon learn firsthand what it will be like. Find somewhere that you can afford it, where the kids are having fun and learning something.”