All for sports!

Friends make summer camp fun

Summer is around the corner and that can mean many things to families these day; sleeping in, beach trips, swimming, no hustle and bustle to get kids off to school, bbq’s, trips to get ice cream and finding the right sports camps for your kids.

I am looking forward to my summer even though it is my busy time. For me, it is time to run my camps. This is my 17th year running KL Academy Soccer camps.  In addition to running my own camps, I also run soccer camps with fellow teammates and friends, Mia Hamm, and Tisha Venturini Hoch.  It is my time to give back to the game and teach kids all that I have learned on the field, off the field and more importantly to have fun. As a parent, the question still comes back to “what is the best place to send my kid for a day, week, or possibly the summer?”.

I am just broaching this topic with my almost 5 yr. old. Yes “almost” is an important part of that age description.  he isn’t interested in many camps, except if there is a friend or two involved.  She will be going to a half-day camp at her nursery school, because she knows all the kids there and the teachers. She is going to go to a sports camp with her cousin, and maybe a swim lesson with another friend from school. So as you see, my camp decision is based on a companion or a sense of comfort.

The fact that my child wants to do something because she has someone to do it with, reminds me of why I played team sports growing up – because I had friends with me. It is also the reason I ended up playing for 23 years on the National Team  (and of course because it was fun).  So when you are in the midst of choosing a camp for you kid this summer, it isn’t bad to go back to why we really like to do things, because of the people involved.  Maybe it is worth asking a friend to join your daughter or son on a sleep away camp to ease the loneness or just have a buddy to laugh with on the first day of any camp, when there are a lot of nerves.  The bottom line; the kids will get out what they put into it and if you have researched or have a good recommendation on the people running the camp, and a buddy, then to me, it’s a no-brainer!

Enjoy the summer and remember spending time with your kids and having fun is the best part!

Always Believe, Kristine Lilly