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Regarding consumption of sports and energy drinks by children and adolescents, the pediatrician is encouraged to:

  • Improve the education of children and adolescents and their parents in the area of sports and energy drinks. This education must highlight the difference between sports drinks and energy drinks and their associated potential health risks.

  • Understand that energy drinks pose potential health risks primarily because of stimulant content; therefore, they are not appropriate for children and adolescents and should never be consumed.

  • Counsel that routine ingestion of carbohydrate-containing sports drinks by children and adolescents should be avoided or restricted. Intake can lead to excessive caloric consumption and an increased risk of overweight and obesity as well as dental erosion.

  • Educate patients and families that sports drinks have a specific limited function for child and adolescent athletes. These drinks should be ingested when there is a need for more rapid replenishment of carbohydrates and/or electrolytes in combination with water during periods of prolonged, vigorous sports participation or other intense physical activity.

  • Promote water, not sports or energy drinks, as the principal source of hydration for children and adolescents.