All for sports!

Importance of Exercise For Kids

With the growing obesity problem in USA and the world, it has become even more imperative for parents to inculcate the habit of sports or exercise in their kids. Not only that, physical activity can help the kids develop healthy habits that can help them throughout their lifetime.


Here are some facts about exercise:

1)     Exercise can help develop stronger bones, joints and muscles for your kids.

2)     It can help control body fat in kids and thus help them maintain a healthy body weight.

3)     Research has also shown that it can help increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain thus helping in enhancement of brain function and cognition.

4)     It can also help in the development of the interpersonal skills in your kids, esp. those who participate in team sports.

5)     It can help the kids to keep away from the chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. and can result in overall better immune system.

6)     Exercise can also help kids develop various motor skills and can also help improve concentration.

7)     Exercise also helps in improved sleep, mood and energy levels in your kids.

Above all, doing exercise, physical activity or playing any sport can actually help kids develop important life skills such as confidence, interpersonal skills etc. which can go a long way in helping them emerge stronger and better throughout the various stage of life.