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Importance of Healthy Snacks

Kids might love cookies, soda or candies but it’s important that as parents, we ensure that right habits are inculcated in our kid’s diet right from the start. Because a child’s body is still in the development phase, supplementing the meals with healthy snacks ensures the daily requirements of minerals, vitamins and nutrients are met. Here are few of the points why healthy snacks are important:

1)  Provides children with enough calories to build on more tissue.

2)  A child cannot eat large meals which mean that the daily requirement of nutrients, fats, vitamins are not met. Healthy snacks help fulfill this gap.

3)  Sugary snacks like cookies, sweets, candies, soda  causes a spike in blood sugar and can result in making the kid feel tired during the game when the sugar levels comes down. Not only that cookies or potato chips can result in making the kid overweight while providing very little in terms of nutrition requirements.

4)  Healthy snacks can also help in building long term life habits for your kids and help them choose right food once they grow up.

5)  Last but not the least, knowing that your kids enjoyed a healthy snack can help you sleep better as a parent at night. Also you can be rest assured that your kids are getting the right nutrition for their developing body which can also help them reach their full potential.

So next time you are planning to take snacks for your kids and his teammates, remember healthy tasty snacks are the key for kids. Confused about how healthy snacks can be tasty and delicious. That’s the topic for our next post.

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