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Michelin Soccer Ball Program


My kids benefited from this Michelin program in our town soccer organization today. You just can’t have enough soccer balls around the house, yard and car! (It just so happens to be where we purchase our tires!) This program is a win-win for everyone involved and as a marketing type – I think it’s creative and valuable because it encourages kids to be active and play soccer!

This is a “No Purchase Necessary” Program Benefitting Soccer Organizations Nationwide.  The program was able to donate nearly $15 million dollars in funds and equipment to youth organizations across the country!

The Purpose and Big Picture:
- Michelin’s vision is to create long-term, win-win relationships between leagues, dealers and Michelin, providing benefits to league members in the form of free equipment and funds.
- Foster a relationship among league families with Michelin and the local dealer.

If you are interested in being part of this, contact info is below:

Trish Rancer, Michelin Soccer Program Representative, 336.812.2068,