All for sports!

Packing Tips for Soccer Tournaments

Whether you’re piling up the car for a long road trip, or headed to the airport for travel games, what you pack and where you store it is very important for any sports tournament!

These packing tips will help ensure you don’t leave anything- at least anything important – behind.

  1. Don’t forget your uniform! Pack your uniform (jersey, shorts, socks, warm-ups) first! If you’re flying, always be sure your uniform is in your carry on. If you’re going on a road trip, make sure it’s in your soccer bag in the front of the car (pack regular clothes, sweats, etc. in a separate bag).
  2. Take your equipment! Pack your most important equipment (ball, shin guards, cleats) in your carry or soccer bag with your uniform. Be sure to bring a pump so you can deflate your ball for the flight – to save space and avoid over-expanding.
  3. Stay Hydrated! The most important thing is to ensure you have a sturdy water bottle always at your fingertips. If you are flying, you will have to pour out the water to get through security, but be sure to fill it right back up at a water fountain once you’re in the gating area! Travel can be exhausting and you will need all the hydration you can get.
  4. Pack Snacks! Don’t let yourself go hungry, especially if it’s within 48 hours of playing. Ensure your system is charged up with healthy fuel! Pack snacks that are easy to tote around – trail mix, fruit (whole, not in juice cups), bagels, etc. Avoid dairy – that can melt in a hot car – and liquids that can break easy or that you’ll have to throw out at airport security. Although I love bananas and they are an excellent source of potassium, they tend to get smashed at the bottom of soccer bags.  
  5. Don’t’ forget the fun stuff!
  • Are you staying in a hotel? Pack a bathing suit!
  • Traveling with friends? Bring cards, dominos, games, magazines, etc.
  • On a road trip? Bring music players and a car adapter (don’t forget your chargers!) or burn some CD’s. You’ll especially want a pump up song to play right before you get to the field.
  • Traveling long hours? Bring a neck pillow on the plane or some comfortable clothes, blankets and pillows for the car.
  • Need some “me” time? Read a book! You might even want to bring a book light.
  • Have homework? Bring your backpack (ok, that’s not the “fun” stuff, but you get it).

Happy Traveling!!