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Parents Role on the Soccer Sideline

Parents Role on the Soccer Sideline: Remember to Value your Volunteer Youth Coach

What should parents do? Supportive, encouraging behavior is always important; so is remembering that you, as parents, are the ultimate role model.

Make sure you always do your best to get along with and appreciate your volunteer youth soccer coach.

Each weekend we can see the sideline filled with colorful chairs and cheering parents. Parents come early to get a good spot on the sideline so they can see the action from all angles. Once the whistle blows and the first ball is played, we as coaches hope we only hear the positive cheers and team chants that serve to motivate each player on the team. For the most part, I would say parents are great sideline fans and do support all of the athletes regardless of skill. However, coaches still have to deal with a few parents who still do not truly embrace the spirit of youth sport.

As we enter the middle of the spring soccer season it is important to remind parents that volunteer coaches are spending so much time organizing practices, figuring out game day rotations so each child had a chance to start the game, and dealing with sending reminder updates to parents, along with other behind the scene tasks. Speaking for myself as I volunteer coach, I enjoy all of the soccer related and management responsibilities in this role. What does weigh on my mind however are some of the negative comments I hear as I walk the sidelines of many soccer games each week.

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