All for sports!

Parent’s Spring Soccer Season Survival Guide

The season kick-off is just weeks away! The Korrio youth soccer community is committed to ensuring that the experience is fun, fulfilling and stress-free. Since our children are the centers of our universes, we’re offering some practical tips we hope you, as parents, will find useful as you ready your junior soccer stars for a fun and enriching season.

The Golden Rule: Keep it fun!

Children play sports because it is FUN and to meet new friends and learn new skills. Parents can start “positive soccer talk” prior to the season’s kick-off. Keep your conversations about the upcoming season interesting and engaging. Ask your children what color jersey they think they’ll wear this season, what their team’s name will be, what number they hope to get and which classmates will be on their team. They will get excited and curious as they ponder these questions and when they discover the answers, they’ll be excited to share them with you.


From serving the right meal before the big game to making sure your child is on time and attentive for practices and games, here are some simple tips to help you organize your sports life, drawn from Korrio’s “more sport | less hassle” philosophy.