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Sports-minded Children in NYC

I was in New York City recently and driving along the Hudson River when we saw a huge sports complex on Chelsea Piers. This prompted a conversation with my three daughters about the challenges of youth sports in the City. Communication, playing fields, scheduling, etc.

I coincindentally just got an email last week from Aaron Finkel, a stay-at-home-dad who recently started a web site meant to be helpful to parents of sports-minded children in New York City.








Here’s an excerpt from Aaron’s message:

Some of you may have come into contact with me on the soccer fields. The truth is my kids (like yours I presume) play many more sports other than soccer. The problem that vexed me was finding the best place for them to practice those other sports and then to register them in time.  Indeed, a few years ago I missed the deadline to sign my son up for flag football. Needless to say I felt horrible and the look he gave me was one I don’t want to see again. I promised myself that I would never again miss another deadline for a sports activity and that I would help others do the same.

My solution is New York Sports Connection ( a web site designed to make life a little easier for parents of sports-playing children (and also for adults seeking to get involved in organized sports).

I hope you’ll agree that it’s a helpful resource. By registering with the site you will receive an e-newsletter every Tuesday morning listing upcoming tryouts, sign-up periods, clinics and other sports-related events in the city.  The site also allows you to search a directory of sports options (we have listings for over 500 sports organizations offering close to 50 different sports including options for children with special needs), find private coaches, sell some of your used equipment, post a question to the community and find local places to buy gear.

Check it out. I hope you’ll agree that New York Sports Connection will be a useful resource to help make life easier and more fun for athletes and families!

Korrio’s mission is to transform youth sports by applying modern technology to help simplify life for sports organizations, coaches, families and players. Everything from registration to team/club websites – all in ONE place.

We enjoy hearing about creative ways people help move sports forward. Sports are so important to children. Kudos to Aaron!