All for sports!

Sports Tryouts Prep

The spring season is in full force and kids are enjoying the nice weather and being outside. I know back in the day, I would be in the middle of my baseball season and soccer on the side. I also know this time of year also brings tryouts for different teams. Tryouts can bring about a lot of nerves and question. Don’t let it! 

It’s ok to be nervous for anything, especially tryouts – but don’t let the mere fact that it is a tryout make you question yourself. No matter what sport,  you still have to do what you have been doing already in your season and in your young lives. Be yourself and work hard.  If you give all you have, you can’t ever fail (so with that tidbit you will always succeed!).

I will give you a couple of things that may help you calm down the nerves or any self doubts that come into your head.

    1. Have FUN
    2. Focus on your strengths
    3. Be yourself
    4. Work hard
    5. Focus and refocus- mistakes will happen, just get over them and move on!
    6. Be proud

As you head out to your tryouts or practice, believe in yourself and hold your head high!

Good luck to you young people today and know someone right here believes in you!


Always Believe,