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#SportsLife Tweet Chat – Soccer Parents Outline

It’s that time already! Two weeks ago I posted about the unique opportunity we offer fans to chat with Kristine Lilly, yesterday I posted about the importance of our Soccer Parent Survey , and today I’m bringing it all together for a major event tomorrow. Kristine Lilly + Soccer Parent Survey =  #SportsLife of Sports Parents tweet chat.

As promised, here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be talking about. As always, feel free to send us ideas or comments on what you’d like to discuss!


Benefits of Team Sports:

  • Why you sign your kids up to play
  • Does it contribute/translate to a positive experience in the classroom
  • What your kids like most, and what you like most

Off the Field Community:

  • Do all the parents on the team get along? Do they form a sideline community?
  • Team events and volunteer activity

Scheduling and Communication:

  • Organizing  & coordinating schedules
  • Communication responsibilities – team manager, coach or another parent
  • Does the coach communicate timely & effectively?

Time on and off the field:

  • Time spent/week on your kids’ sports. Carpool, scheduling, communicating etc.
  • Drive time & distance to/from games and practices
  • Watch, run errands, or work out during practices?

Sharing your SportsLife:

  • How (if) & what you share about your kids’ sports experiences

Travels and Costs:

  • How much you spend per year on soccer
  • If financial costs keep you from signing your kids up (especially from advancing to a higher level)
  • Where your biggest expenses come from
  • Whether or not you’re offered scholarships


Why do we care?

Your kids’ sports life is made possible by your support, dedication and sacrifices. We want to make sure it’s as rewarding and enjoyable as possible! Your feedback will also help us develop our product road map and educational content.

How do you join?

If you have a Twitter handle, follow #SportsLife at 10am PT, 1pm ET. We recommend following along at so you can easily see participants in the conversation and automatically use our hashtag. However, you can also use Twitter search ( or Tweet Chat (

If you don’t have a Twitter handle, don’t worry you can still participate! You can create a profile on Twubs that will allow you to join the chat without having to become a member of Twitter. Visit, click “Sign In” and choose “SignUp”.

Chat with you tomorrow!